Subway Sketches

October 24, 2010

Congrats to Eric Molinsky who has a nice feature video today in the New York Times. He draws people riding New York’s subway using only his finger and the Sketches application for the iPhone. Check out the sketches on his blog I think the subway is especially challenging because neither the artist nor the subject is sitting still and you never know how long you will have before your subject might stand up and exit the train.

IPOD or IPHONE stylus

September 4, 2010

Do you guys have a favorite stylus? Or do you prefer to use your fingers?

This one is the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus


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Jorge Colombo in the New Yorker

October 20, 2009

Jorge Colombo publishes an iphone sketch every week for the New Yorker. I think it is exciting that at least one person has a regular gig doing iphone paintings. If you know any other publications that are putting out monthly/weekly/daily/ iphone paintings, pleases leave a comment! thanks! (Jorge uses Brushes)

Xoan Baltar’s Amazing Brushes iPhone Painting of a City Bus

August 28, 2009

Simply incredible work here, what I want to know is how he is able to constrain his line so they are so straight. Wonder if he uses a stylus. See his many other amazing iPhone paintings on his flicker stream here.

Armand Serrano

August 24, 2009

Armand Serrano is an animation designer working with Sony Pictures and has worked with many other leading animation companies such as Disney. He has some amazing iphone paintings on his blog worth checking out. I’d post one of the images but it looks as though he would rather retain control over where his work is displayed. Worth the visit to his interesting blog.

youtube video review of iPhone/iPod Touch Layers App

August 24, 2009

Pretty basic review that won’t tell you that much but if you know nothing of the new Layers app then worth the view.

Patricio Villarroel’s iPhone paintings

August 16, 2009

Patricio Villarroel's iPhone Painting
Patricio Villarroel The 11 Variations

A rising talent in the iPhone artmaking is Patricio Villarroel, whose flickr photostream shows his wide range of expression and experimentation with this new medium. He tends to used a variety of iPhone apps to make his paintings, often exploring themes and variations of design possibilities. There is often a whimsical and lyrical quality to his world that is a joy to see.

Patricio Villarroel's iPhone Painting
Patricio Villarroel Working on a computer on a leaning world

Patricio Villarroel's iPhone Painting
Patricio Villarroel View from my rear window. Brushes App

David Hockney’s iPhone Art

August 10, 2009

David Hockney iPhone Painting

Renowned British artist David Hockney (72) has added the iPhone’s Brushes app to vast artmaking toolset. He is no newcomer to digital media, shown in this youtube video series (5 part) of a documentary of his early use of the high-end Quantel PaintBox computer video paint application back in the mid-80s. In watching this video I was struck by how today’s 10 dollar iPhone app almost revels the capabilities of a $150 grand 1980’s computer application! Like when the narrator proclaims “he can even select different widths for the brushes!”. (parts 2 – 5 of this documentary can be seen on youtube)

David Hockney iPhone Painting

David Hockney seems to have been making little iPhone paintings for friends and briefly had them available for download on a BBC website. You can see some of his iPhone paintings displayed in homes on the Second Life virtual world. More information about this can be found here.

David Hockney Second Life iPhone Painting

Not everyone is enchanted with David Hockney’s iPhone painting and iPhone art in general- this artfagcity blog post has some thought provoking criticisms such as his saying “The iPhone as medium is a gimmick that needs to die a quick death”.

David Navas

August 1, 2009

David Navas iPhone Painting
David Navas iPhone Painting using Brushes App, Photocanvas, 1001Fx which he titled “Hopper (Judy working in the cottage)”

A wonderful study of a women working at her desk as a tribute to Edward Hopper. David really gets the Hopperesque feeling of light streaming through the window in the way he simplies and composes this little interior. Some marvelous color happening here. Found on David’s Flicker iPhone Painting Photo Stream Many more gems to look through.

One of his more remarkable iPhone paintings is his “Pan” He really nailed the tones in the reflected gleam on the pan and the overall life-like solidity of the pan’s form is truly amazing. David is an animator and illustrator whose work can be seen on his website as well as his Flickr photostream

David Navas iPhone Painting
David Navas iPhone Painting using Brushes App “Pan”

Amanda Kavanagh iPhone Painting

July 20, 2009

Amanda Kavanagh iPhone Painting

Here are a few examples of some remarkable iPhone landscapes made by Amanda Kavanagh of NYC, who goes by Velvetina on her Flickr site.

Amanda Kavanagh iPhone Painting

Her talents as a painter and designer are clearly evident in her work using the Brushes app on her iPhone. Her painterly simplification of the landscape turns the limitations of painting on a phone into an asset. Her gestural thin “pencil” lines strokes adds a lyrical touch and there is a moody feel to many of her works that goes beyond just recording a view.

Amanda Kavanagh iPhone Painting

You can see more of her iPhone painting as well as her works on canvas ond other mediums on her website. She sells very reasonably priced prints of her iPhone works on her etsy storefront as well.