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Amanda Kavanagh iPhone Painting

Here are a few examples of some remarkable iPhone landscapes made by Amanda Kavanagh of NYC, who goes by Velvetina on her Flickr site. Her talents as a painter and designer are clearly evident in her work using the Brushes app on her iPhone. Her painterly simplification of the landscape turns the limitations of painting […]

detailed video footage of a Brushes app portrait

Here is a speed up video (2x) of an iPod painting done by a French artist, David Gribouille, using Brushes. Great to see his painting technique with such clarity. Here is a link to his website for more examples of his iPod paintings and other amazing artworks.

DeVitus’s Eye

Brushes app replay of an amazing iPhone painting of an eye by DeVitus – here’s a link to his blog. Awesome use of Brushes – look forward to see where else he goes with this.

Jorge Colombo’s iPhone Painting

One of the leading pioneers of iPhone painting is Jorge Colombo, an accomplished illustrator, photographer and video maker who recently helped put iPhone painting in the public eye. Here is an interesting interview with him and ABC News in a short video about his New Yorker cover and iPhone Painting in general. Another great video […]